The 10 Series


Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D. introduced Structural Integration as a series of ten 60-minute sessions, each with its own goal towards integration of the entire body. Each session builds upon the previous one, taking the body through a process of better overall balance and alignment by focusing on freeing tension and holding patterns throughout the body. 

Sessions 1-3 focus on work with the shoulders, pelvis, and ribcage for enhancing the capacity for breath, and creating more front-to-back depth of the body. Support is established from the ground up working with the feet and lower legs.

Sessions 4-7 begins with the midline of the legs, and on through to the pelvis and spine, completing at the neck, head, and cranium. Releasing long-held and sometimes unrecognized tension here brings the body into a more receptive sense of itself as the inherent sense of verticality becomes more established. 

Sessions 8-10 focus on integrating all of the prior changes made, as well as providing continuity, flow, span, and closure throughout the body. These sessions begin the process of setting the body up to its new representation to the world, both the internally sensed and physically realized.

What Happens After the 10-Series?  

The 10-series is designed to leave you feeling more balanced and structurally sound than prior to the series. Efficiently using your body in your daily life, and skillfully implementing the elements of movement and awareness we have worked on during the sessions, helps to provide lasting results.

Although it is highly recommended to go through the 10-series for you to experience the full potential of Rolfing, it is not always necessary. I recommend that you first try a session to see if it right for your body at that particular time; and for some, one session may be all they need. Others, depending on their history and body use, may require more than 10 sessions. This is negotiated between the client and Rolferâ„¢ as the series proceeds.