What To Expect In A Session


I will conduct a thorough evaluation geared towards having a clear and concise understanding of your goals for the Rolfing process. This is done by filling out a standard and confidential health intake form, dialogue between you and me, and a visual assessment of your body in standing and in movement.

You are asked to wear comfortable clothing allowing for easy access to your body during the session. Most clients wear shorts, with women also wearing a sports bra or tank top/t-shirt. Ultimately, wear whatever makes you most comfortable. This is the attire which the standing and movement assessments will be made.

There will be consistent communication in terms of pressure I use and your comfort. I will ask you for subtle movements of your body in novel ways, and at times guided with imagery and metaphor to help facilitate release, integration, and produce change. Considering this, it is suggested the client maintain mental awareness to their body both during and in between sessions. This makes Rolfing a collaborative process in service to transformation.  

When appropriate, I incorporate movement education to help support the changes made. This can be done either on the table, seated, or when standing. The movements you make after the session are vital in bridging the work from my office to your everyday life. Clients may benefit to back-up the session with some mindful, self-care homework.

Graded Motor Imagery may be utilized in conjunction as a way to gradually refine and reframe brain-body communication and reduce fear and anxiety behaviors toward the body and its movement. You move more easily, function better, and your brain has less need to make pain when you know what's going on with your body. 

Clients of Rolfing generally experience relief or reduction in chronic pain; movement becomes easier and more graceful; body awareness heightens; there is a sense of “lift” or “lightness” within one’s body; well-being and vitality becomes the norm with an improved sense of self, and an improved outlook towards life in general.